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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sponsor Introduction Put in hopper House 1st Reading Send to Standing Committee double click to change this header text! 90-90 rule90% work90% die A standing committee is permanent committee that meets regularly. Committe 3Main Options Pass Recommendation~goes to floor Kill~Bill Dies Pigeonhole~held in committee Simple Majority Vote to move on50%+1 Rules Committee Traffic Cop determines what bills will come to the floor. Only in House because of size double click to change this header text! 2nd Reading Reasons for reading again~Bill has changed~Bill has become important Bill has been on journey for a few months 3rd Reading Debate rules are official with asking questions and more. Sponsors begin Filibuster is a prolonged speech that prolongs progress Cloture~can stop filibuster Vote on Bill Voting rules need a simple majority vote. Takes 50%+1 Sent to Other Chamber Repeats Steps 1-7 Checks an Balances ~both chambers vote on bill Conference Committe If different from original it must come here. Bill must be identical, in case one chamber doesn't like changes. Conference Committee appointed to resolve disagreements on a particular bill. Sent to President Sign it~becomes a law Hold it~if not signed within 10 day, bill is law without signature Veto it~dies, can override with 3/4 vote in both chambers Pocket Veto~after 10 day congress adjourns; bill dies
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