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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biography Born August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.Married Hillary Rodham in 1975.Father:William Jefferson Blythe who died in car crash.Mother:Virginia Clinton KelleyAttorney General of Arkansas.Was governor of country.Became president in 1992 and stayed for 6 years.Was being impeached 1998 but was equitted in 1999. Foreign Policies Raising taxes, cutting spending,Health Care-Developed a planto make buissnesses payfor the employees healthcareinstead of goverment.Americorps-Put students towork improving low-income housing, teaching children to read, and cleaning up the enviroment.Crime and Gun Control- Forced owners to have a license and the sellers to do a backroundcheck to make sure the buyerisnt a criminal.The Contract with America-Had plans to lower taxes,welfare reforms, tougher anti-crime laws, term limit formembers of congress, and balance budget amendment The Haitian Intervention-Haiti leader was overthrown and then we put a trade embargo on Haiticausing some citizens of Haiti to come here. We theninvaded Haiti and stayedas peacekeepers.Dayton Accords-Peace plan between Bosnia and Kosovo that the U.S came up with to stoptheir fighting and we put troops in Bosniato make sure the plan was followed.They went at it again causing us to bombSerbia doing so ended the war.Peacemaking in the Middle East-We tried to bring peace between Isreal and Palestine by bringing both leaders to Camp David and tryingmake them bring peace between each otherbut doing so caused them to stray even further from peace. Domestic policies Bill Clinton Important Events Good or Bad Clinton wins Reelection in 1996.Clinton's vote to be impeached in 1998. Denide having committed adultery.Restrictions on medical researchand the right to choose(abortion) eliminated. Felt acomplished on stopping abortion and furtheringreasearch.Family and medical leave act.Childhood Immunizations. I think that Bill Clinton wasa good president becausehe made this place a betterand safer place to be with his education and crime acts he even gave us better healthcare to help us prevent being sickso i really do this he was a good president.
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