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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bike Safely! Bike Safely! yo'ULL Obey all traffic signals and signs -Stop completely at pedestrian crosswalks to allow student walkers to cross streets Ride WITH traffic, not against it While cycling, do NOT: - use your cell phone - use your headphones - allow other people to ride on your bike - study for a test Right turn Left turn Stop/slow Hit by Car 29% 17% 13% 11% 13% Fell % of Sources of Injuryfor Bikers (2012) Road not ingood condition Riding Error Crash/collision Use hand signals to indicateintentions of turning and stopping June Mar Feb Oct April July Nov Jan Dec Sept May Aug 100 20 140 80 60 40 120 0 Source: Harvard Police Department (2005-2012) Bike thefts happen more in the summermonths than during the winter months This may correlate with the decrease in ridership and fewer bikes on the streets during the winter. Register your bicycle with ULL's University Police UL Lafayette Police Department offersFREE Bike Tags for students and faculty To get your Bike Tag, bring your bike to the frontdesk of ULL's Police Department on Hebrard Blvd., located right in front of Moody Hall. *Use a U-lock looped through the front tire, around main bike frame & bike rack *Link a cord through the U-lock and through the bike tire *Remove all lights and any accessories *Lock bike in a high-traffic area with many lights -Thieves will be less likely to steal your bike or accessories when there are people around Helmet Front White Light Red (blinking) Rear Light Check your Brakes! U-Lock and Cord -Use Bike Lanes (not sidewalks or roads) when available Rules of the Road! Wear Reflective or Bright Clothing for Night Riding Check Tire Pressure Bike Thefts by Month Bike Gear for Safer Riding! Preventing Bike Theft Routes to Bike on Campus St. Mary -has a bike lane Rex St.-no bike lane,medium traffic Johnston St.East University Ave.-no bike lane, high traffic Johnston St.-bike lanes, starting at E. St. Lewis Coliseum Dr.Reinhardt Dr.-no bike lane, low traffic Cajundome Blvd.-no bike lanes, medium traffic, large lanes West CongressBertrand Dr.-no bike lane, high traffic For more information:youllbike@louisiana.eduTwitter: @yo'ULLBikeFacebook: yo'ULLBikeLafayette Sources: Hebrard Blvd.McKinley St.Taft St.E. Lewis St.Girard Park Circle -no bike lanes, but low traffic yo'ULLBike! Separate Bike Path-alongside Cajundome Blvd.stretching to Eraste Landry Rd.
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