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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Don't take a hike, just ride a bike" Created by our skillful team of numerous artisans and craftsmen. Including Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Baron Von Drais, and W. K. Clarkson, Jr. Fun Factoids History Our Team Of Creators Why You Should Buy It What Does It Do Need to get your kids or husband to exercise? Want to savelots of money? Then just go and buy a bike! The bike is a simple form of transportation, that uses no gas and createsno pollution. It even allows you to quickly get around any cityor town. And don't worry about safety, because bikes now come with advanced safety features. So what are you waitingfor? Get your bike today! I LOVE IT The bicycle, or bike for short, wascreated by many people over many years.The first bike was drawn up by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1493. His bike was just a drawing.The second bike was created by Charles Baron Von Drais in 1817. His bike was a vehiclewith two wheels, and it immediately becamepopular. The third bike was made by W. K. Clarkson, Jr. in 1819. His bike again had two wheels, and it also became popular. After that the bike continued to go through refinements and modifications in order for it to become what it is today. 1. The original name for a bike was a velocipede.2. Originally bikes were made of wood.3. Originally bikes didn't have pedals.4. The first bikes were very dangerous becauseyour body was positioned over the front wheel which made it more likely that you would go overthe handlebars.5. Bikes went through many changes in order tobecome what they are today.6. Some modified bikes came with pneumatic tires.7. Bike production increased from 1889 to 1899as they increased in popularity. The bike allows you to get around quickly, safely, and affordably. It moves quickly and requires no fuel to use. It also comes with manysafety features like wheels of equal size, a chain driver, and gears.It also is very affordable, because it is less expensive than a car. DaVinci'soriginal bike.
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