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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Initiate contact by calling the restaurant and introduce your service.2. If they are not convinced, push to arrange a meeting with them, to show them a demo of your system. Mentionthat you will be in the hood, meeting up another restaurant.3. Convince them about the effectiveness of your conceptand your system. Explain them the problem that you aresolving and how it can bring them more exposure. MUSTmention about your influence to the public as a middle man.4. Leave financial stuff (15% commission and free meal) atfor end of the meting. Focus on fact that they will have a quick cash flow from your system. 1. Sell "Security" The will be concerned about cancellations. Applystrict cancelation rules on the system (similar to hotelcancelation rulles on Online Travel Agencies).2. No shows - Explain that in case of a no-show, therestaurant will receive full payment (since it's creditcard guaranteed reservations only).3. Avoid long-term contractsRestaurants might be reluctant as to whether this willbe profitable for them. Offer them monthly agreementswith possibility to cancel if they are not happy.4. Show them how it works. Keep the presentation and procedure simple. Automation is the key element to focusbut also show them how they can control their bookings.5. Offer exclusivities in specific regions, or types ofrestaurants (but link this with a longer-term contract). Pitching BigMoe to Restaurants 1. Initial Contact Break the Ice 2. Specific ConvincingPoints to Use This Action Plan Infographic suggests how to pitch BigMoe Service to restaurants. 3. Optional Tactics You could offer a production basedcommission system.For instance if they produce: 1-20 bookings /m they pay 15%21-50 bookings /m they pay 13%50+ bookings / m they pay 12%
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