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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social Media's effect on the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia double click to change this header text! During the Arab Spring uprisings, the revolution was tweeted about 3 million times, blogged by thousands, texted, and posted on to all kinds of social media sites. Egypt Tunisia The week before the resignation of Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak, a total of 230,000 tweets were sent out a day about the political changes in the country.Videos of protest reached about 5.5 million views. Roughly about 2,400 tweets were sent out a day, the week after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. The amount of content produced by political blogs increased dramatically. In neighboring countries, 3,400 tweets were sent per day about the political crisis in Egypt. Relatively young people use social media the most. 33% of Egypt's 88 million people are under 14 years old. That creates a lot of blogging, posting, and tweeting.Also, 33% of the people tweeting from Egypt were women. After Ben Ali's resignation there were 2,200 tweets sent out per day in Tunisia. Conversations online about democracy,revolution, and liberty often sparked immediate mass protests.Twenty percent of blogs were evaluating Ben Ali's leadership the day he resigned from office (Jan 14) up from 5% the month before. The largest topic for Tunisian blogs was "revolution". 23 percent of the 10million people who live in Tunisia are under the age of 14. There are 93 cell phone subscribers for every 100 people in Tunisia. In Tunisia, officials attempted to block Facebook and other social media sites and arrested bloggers who used social media to spread critical news about the government. 66% of the internet-savvy population in Tunisia are under34 years old, might explain why many of the people who protested were young, technology inclined, people who use social media regularly. 41% of Tunisia's Facebook population are women, too. The Tunisian government was more active then the Egyptian government whenrestricting social media.
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