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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Characters: Theme: Friendship is a journey somecan not discover on their own,but it is a gift if you embrace it. Objective Summary: MaCallan wanted to fit inand not be seen as the reject, but then Levi stepped drastically into her life as her long-lost best-friend so theythrough junior high and high school together with some major potholes in the road.Their massive friendship will prevail in the end with the helpof many different people alongthe journey. Protagonist:MaCallan Antagonist:Levi Plot: Throughout the story the characters faced toughtimes in their friendshipthat later took them on anemotional roller-coaster ride. Levi was in relationship afterrelationship which madeMaCallan jealous. That lead to MaCallan feeling lonely andforgotten. Levi was Popularnow and had no time for MaCallan's Problems. MaCallan fell in love with Leviso she fled the country and when to spend the summerin Ireland with her family. MaCallan didn't want to have a new friend butgot pulled in to show a new kid around. Turns outthat they were meant foreach other.Levi just moved here and is not very comfortable. Setting: In a little town in Wisconsin stood the one boy that would change one girls life forever!It was friendship at first quote. The British TV show brought them closer together. But in the friendship Levi finds out that he was taking a journey into MaCallan's heart. The twobest friends face a massive number of opstacles along theirroad and that brings them closer together.
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