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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 5 Landmark Supreme Court Cases Marbury v. Madison McCulloch v. Maryland Dartmouth College v. Woodward Clinton v. New York United States v. Nixon -Chief Justice John Marshall -Facts: William Marbury along with others were appointed justices for District of Columbia during John Adam's presidency. However, this wasn't finalized. The upset appointees sued for their jobs in the Supreme Court.-Question: Is Marbury entitled to this seat?-4-0 in favor of Madison -Chief Justice John Marshall-Facts: New Hampshire tried to change Dartmouth College from a private university to a state university and transferred trustee appointments to the governor. The old trustees sued William H. Woodward who sided with the new trustees.-Question: Did New Hampshire unconstitutionally interfere with Dartmouth College's rights under the Contract Clause?-5-0 in favor of Dartmouth College -Chief Justice John Marshall-Facts: The state of Maryland imposed taxes on the Second Back of the US. James McCulloch, who worked at the bank, refused to pay the tax.-Question: Did the state of Maryland unconstitutionally interfere with congressional powers?-7-0 in favor of McCulloch -Chief Justice Warren E Burger-Facts: President Richard Nixon claimed that he was immune from the supoena claiming "executive privilege." A voice recording recorded by himself in the Oval Office was evidence of this. This was partof Nixon and his administration tryingto cover up their involvement in the Watergate scandal.-Question: Is the President's right to safeguard information, using his executive privilege confidentiality power, entirely immune from judicial review?-8-0 in favor of the United States -Chief Justice William Rehnquist-Facts: President Bill Clinton was accused of unilaterally repealing parts of the Balanced Budget Act as granted in the Line-Item Veto Act. This act was believed to violate the PresentmentClause of Article 1.-Question: Did the President's ability to selectively cancel individual portions ofbills, under the Line Item Veto Act, violate the Constitution?-6-0 in favor of New York 1803 1818 1819 1974 1998 By: Betsy Batista Period 6
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