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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton Professional surfer born in Kauai Hawaii 26 days after the attack she returned to surfing Attack occurred Nov. 2 2003 Shark attack onNovember 2 2003 Hamilton exceeds her faith in God because she knows she would have never survived the attack with out him Bethany Hamilton inspires others greatly with her story Hamilton realizes that nothingcan hold her back from doing the things she loves Bethany Hamilton returnsto the water to surf after recovering from the attack Shortly after she returns to surfing she receivesthe Best Comeback Athlete ESPY Award Many friends of Hamiltonset up fundraisers to help her pay off all the medical expenses Her full name isBethany Meilani Hamilton Dirks Film Soul Surferreleased on April 2011 The shark of the attack Bethany Hamilton in 2004 "Life is a lot like surfing, when you get caught in that impact zone you need to get right back up because you never know what is over the next wave"- Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton looses her left arm during a sharkattack at the age of 13 Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is abouta biography of a 13 year-old girl namedBethany Hamilton who lives in Hawaii with her mom, dad, and two brothers. Hamilton goes out to do what she lovesmost "surfing" and gets her left arm bitten of by a shark she then is rushed to the hospital where she recovers. During her recovery she realizes that she willnever let go of her talent and wants to inspire others with her story. Bethany Hamilton fights through obstaclesin her way with the help of faith and her family to eventually get back on the board.
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