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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Graphic Thinking Organizers Chapter Tours Anticipation Guides Learning a tricky new conceptin the music classroom? Use a graphic thinking organizer to break down and really figure out how to tackle and grasp this new concept. Before diving into a new chapter with new challengesand adventures, it is best to try and give your studentsan idea about what they will be learning about. Give thema "tour". Let them read the beginning and end of the chapter,so they can see how these musical concepts develop. Also showing them the visuals and explaining it to them isanother way to utilize the chapter tour. Anticipation guides are usually used in the context of reading a textbook or novel. For music, we could use them for reading music. The teacher would hand out everyone's part and the guide. They could look over the music, noticing the rhythms, key changes, ect. Then they would write down what they expected before playing. And after they sight read the piece, they would describe what they discovered after playing. So the columns would say, "Before Playing" and "After Playing. Literacy Integration, Why So Important??? The concept of literacy is used in every aspect of our everyday life. It is important for our students to be literate, so that they can effectively go about their daily lives. We need to make sure our students can read, correctly formulate sentences, and understand what others are speaking or writing about.
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