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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The ACMA's Best Tweets of 2014 If you receive a call, SMS or email about a tax refund or payment, contact the ATO first. Don't give out info (link) #scam 9,407 8,011 Dont be caught out in poor weather conditions Using your VHF Marine Radio for #weather info (YouTube link) SCAM ALERT: Computer virus scam callers who pretend to be from Microsoft/Windows now posing as Telstra/Bigpond reps (link) ACMA works with the global network INHOPE to fight online child sexual abuse material. See INHOPE's new infographics (link) 13,579 Can you be found in an emergency? Update your details & download the emergency+ app (infographic) 32,218 SCAM ALERT: #Qantas & Virgin #Australia Press 1 calls actually scammers looking for credit card information 9,505 9,108 Outsmart the scammers Use these tips to help you SPOT and STOP scams #SSOW2014 #scams #infographic Hoax video on Facebook exploiting tragic death of Robin Williams is a #scam. Do not click links #staysmartonline (link) 12,503 Agreements between #ACMA @VictoriaPolice @QPSmedia strengthen efforts against trade of online child sexual abuse (link) 9,362 Smartphone ownership up 8% in #Australia 12.07 million Aussies now own a smartphone - Read more (link) 7,979 7,900 Figures represent the amount of Twitter impressions for each tweet
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