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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOMOSEXUAL NURTURE OR NATURE double click to change this title text! GENE NO CHOICE NO CHANGE 5%10% 1 1.Henderson C.D. 2013 The Voiceless Colonizer: The Homosexual Man of Imperialism in Nineteenth Century Britain, Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal, vol 9 (2013)2.James E Miller 1993, The Passion of Michel Foucault, First Havard University Press paperback edition 2000, page 254.3.The legalization of gay marriage, should not be built on the basis of sympathy.2013-04-26 (in Chinese)4.Halperin, D.M. Saint Foucault, Towards a Gay Hagiography, Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford, 1997. page 985.Li .Y H. Subculture of Homosexuality, Chinatoday Press, Beijing, 1998.(in Chinese) 4 ACCEPT ME ALWAYS MINORITY SEXUAL Sexual is used to a group of human used to discribe a sexual behavior ? ! first used as a DISEASE There should not be 5 NOT for a certain group <1% 2%4% by Michel Foucault POPULATION 0100% 9% People are neither this nor that, gay nor straight. 57% 100% 1952 1998 NO EVIDENCE 1964 NORMAL Twins=similarsocial experience color VULNERABLE CONCEPT Simon LeVay Identical twins WHOLE LIFE LABEL SYMPATHY FUTURE REVOLUTION SCIENCE CHANGEABLE BINARY PRISON MARRIAGE TO HOMOPHOBIA OUR HAPPINESS is what they ultimately can't FORGIVE us CHANGE YOU DOCTOR THEIR GENE 1990
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