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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Berlin Wall1961-1989 Between 1961 and 1989, more than 100 people were killed while trying to cross the wall. In September 1989, Hungary opened its border with Australia to allow East German refugees to leave. Early in 1990, the East German government implemented a system of partial state ownership of business to counteract economic stag nation. Details of the Berlin Wall Families were separated and people lost their jobs. The wall had 45 sections of reinforced concrete with barbed wire to prevent people from escaping. The wall had 79 miles of fencing and nearly 300 watchtowers. In the late 1800s about 380,000 people left East Germany. The people rebel against the Berlin Wall Eventually people got so frustrated with the Berlin Wall that they started to climb on top of it. The people wrote messages on the wall such as "FREEDOM". The crowd on the wall slowly tried to break down the wall. double click to change this header text! Berlin Wall events The effects of the Berlin Wall The wall caused people struggle to survive and get money because people had jobs on the opposite side. Berlin was separated into 2 parts that people tried to pass. The wall caused many deaths because people failed to try to cross the wall. Berlin, Germany In 2000 the net outflow of people from East Germany decreased greatly. The reason for the Berlin Wall The main reason for the Berlin Wall was because of East and West Berlin's differences. East Berlin believed that the wall was used to protect them from other people or things that could harm them. Berlin was also separated because people were crossing to the other side to buy food and supplies for a cheaper price. People from West Berlin called the Berlin Wall the wall of shame.
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