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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Berlin Innovative Urbanisation A Mega city is a city that has a population of over ten million people and is constant in that aspect so if for a day a festival occurred in a city and the population increased from five million to above ten million the city in question would only be a mega city for the duration of the time that the population exceeded ten million. Their creation is the process of economic and social change in which people from rural areas move to urban areas through the effects of push and pull factors. This is called Rural-UrbanMigration. This increase of residents from rural areas moving to Urban areas is called Urbanization Population: 3.462 millionPersons 65 and over: 20% of entire population Persons under 18: 18.4% of entire population Population Density: 3809 residents Berlin per square kilometer What is a Mega city? A way of dealing with the pressures of urbanization is the implementation of the Coordination office.This office holds all information on all constructions activities. It also acts as a place to organize mediation talks to resolve any conflicts and to overcome any barriers. Reviews the current urban development within city and related contracts with the for future contracts. The physical layout of Berlin has been altered through out history by many foreign influences.Increased work opportunities in the last century have given a rise to Berlins populace and a growing need for housing. In the years 1993 to 1997 new suburbs were erected on the outskirts. Building activities were regulated by development plans and building codes in which street limits,the size of blocks, the minimum of courtyards and the floor space of the building were stipulated. The amount of colleges and Universities within Berlin are 39. The percentage of unemploymentwithin Berlin is 11% The average monthly income of a Berlin citizen is 1475 Euros.
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