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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Benito Mussolini By: Areyanna Walker The Effect Of Benito Mussolini "Benito was the first Fascist leader he formed a new dictatorship and totalitarian philosophy." The promotedof extrem nationlism world wide war, he [palso fight alongside of Adolf Hitler in war. He reclamin land for Italy with that land he build railroad,schools, sports stadium, and bridges. In the long run he made Italy more self-sufficient. He gave industries more money for steel and iron and also increased the used of hydro-electric power Groups Benito Organized Benito Mussolini organized many and different groups such as: Fascist Party,Black Shirt,Several right- wing group intoa single force. Benito organized the paramilitary unit know as the black shirt to terrorized political oppents and help influence the facisr party. He created the Facist Party in Italy. He organized the several wing group on March 1919 right before he created the Facist Partygroup. Benito Mussolini IN WWII Benito Mussolini was afacist prime minister of Italy. He promised to fight alongside Adolf Hilter. His army was poorly led and was notprepare was the war and was quickly taking over by Allied force.Italian resistance to his dicatorshipthis led to his fall and his death,he was overthrown after that.Italian captured and ex-dicator and murder him. -Work Cite- 1. A&E networks Television.Wed.2 Mar 2015. < #Italys-defeat-and-mussolini-demise>. 2. "Benito Mussolini." A&E Televison Network. Web 2 Mar. 2015. <http://www, mussolini>. 3. "World Biography." Benito Mussolini Biography Web. 2 Mar. 2015.<http://www.notable>.
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