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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Community involvement keeps our society functioning as it should, through connecting with people rather than just focusing on making profits." BENEFITS OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT BENEFITS OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ~Karen Morris "I think people are less and less willing to help, even though help would be invaluable. We seem to be turning into a whats in it for me?’ society." Developing passions It definitely helps to have others in a community with the same passions as you so that you can further develop these together and learn from one another. Getting involved in something that you are passionate about with others who are too helps to create a fun and encouraging atmosphere. It may help you to develop your passion and may spur you on to achieve amazing things. Experience & People When you're helping others and contributing to a community, people may see you in a light that they otherwise wouldn't. This could open up a range of opportunities such as job offers, as well as general positive impressions. By participating in a community, you might meet new people and gain experience that could be very useful in other aspects of your life; for example, you might develop skills that are important to help you get the job that you are hoping to get. A Healthy Environment A community is a healthy environment for you to be a part of. Through supportive and varied groups like this, you can grow significantly in a number of different ways. You can learn a lot about yourself and can help others to grow as well. Serving It is important to serve others in some way. A community is a great opportunity to serve, whether it be by volunteering regularly or by simply helping others out when they need assistance. This helps you to not become self-centred but to rather focus on connecting with others and being servant-hearted. There is also other personal benefit that comes from reaching out to those in need. ~Karen Morris
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