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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ben Carson neurosurgeon of the john hopkins hospital Ben Carson Introducing The Story of Ben Carson Ben Carson's Pictures Ben Carson was only a child when his 13-16 year old mother was tellling ben that his father will not be coming back Ben Carson was the neurosurgeon of the john hopkins hospital andcompleted alot of the procegures Ben carson and more doctors worked with siamese twinsand had to rebuild their main blood vein Dr. Carson examined 2 1/2 year old Megan Wikstom during roundsat the Johns Hopkins children center nobody could be more patient with my one million questions and fears says Megansmother margie wikstrom center Ben Carson receives an honorary doctoral degree from andrewsuniversity in june1989 Ben Carson had 3 kids mentionedin the book Murray,Rhoeyce, andB.J. Ben had a brother named Curtis Ben's mother Sonya had a very poor education,the family had a very hard time getting throughBen carson went to church and had very bad anger issuesBen Carson has also been bullied by white children there was 4 neurosurgeons during the binder twin surgery including Ben Carson Ben Carson was asleep when Candy was about to have a child ben woke up and the ambulance came. The binder twins was a fantastic surgery,doctors in the hospital started saying they wanted to donate blood. This is ben Carson today This is Ben Carson as a Neurosurgeon -Ben Carson is successful manBen Carson has accomplishedmany things in his life as a neurosurgeon When ben was about 11 he was bullied and when one of the school bullies came to make fun of him Ben had a lock in his hand and hit the bully. Though Ben Carson went tochurch he still couldn't controlhis anger issues.Ben and a friend of his went to do a camp out and Ben had a knifeand almost killed his bestfriend. Ben Carson was successful neurosurgeon but whenever his newborn would be coming 1 week or 5 days before he would travel with candy to Australia! Please do not edit do not copy my work
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