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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Benjamin Carson, M.D. "the doctor who gives children a second chance at life" Dr. Ben Carson performed hemishperectomony on many young children. A hemishperectomony is a surgical procedure where oneside of the brain is removed. This surgery is normally used to prevent seizures from occurring. Ben crew up with his mother,Sonya Carson, and his brother, Curtis Carson.When Ben was only 8 yearsold, his father and mother got intoa divorce and their father left them. The cause for this was because his father had another wife. Dr. Carson successfully separated7 month old siamese twins whowere connected by the head. Their surgery began on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, September 5, 1987at 7:15 a.m. When Ben was younger, his mother had decided that both him and his brother were watching to much TV.So, his mother cut down their television use and they also had to read 2 books aweek. Benjamin Solomon Carson was born onSeptember 18, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He is one of the most respected doctors in the WORLD. Ben married Lacena Rustin,also known as Candy. She gave birthto their first son, Murray NedlandsCarsonon September 12, 1983. Their second son, named after his father, Benjamin Carson Jr. Their third and final child was born onDecember 21, 1986.that makes them a family of five. As a young child he moved a lot his because his mother had financial problems.She worked many jobs at once.Sonya would leave early in themorning and come back late at night. As a young child, he was often called "dummy" and made fun of a lot for not being as smart as the other kids.He started working harder. When he got older, he read over information until he had it memorized. God worked in Ben in different ways.In his book, Ben mentions a dream thathelped him.The Dream: Ben was up late studying because he was failing and he wanted to improve. A white glowy figure appears and writes down some information. He remembered what thefigure had written when he was taking the test and he ended up not failing. He worked as aneurosurgeon atJohn Hopkins Hospital.
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