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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our journey begins at the olympic stadium located at 1 National Stadium South Road, Chaoyang, Beijing, China close to huiz hong road tunnel. Now we will walk west until we reach the north central axis landscape ave. From here carefully cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and enter the large cube. We have reached 11 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang, Beijing, China our next destination. After a refreshing swim we head North over the S11, when you see a roundabout go around 3/4and carry on over the G111. Head west when you see the large building known on the sighns as Beijing Renhetong Hospital . After following this road take the first road heading to the X009.Now head north and park at the last parking on the road X014.You should now be by the the heratige museum wich is close to the great wall of china just walk a bit to the east and you should see the big wall at 40.6769° N, 117.2319° EThis is our destination. After having fun on this world famous wall we will go to the the marvoules tiaxian falls.First head back the way we came till you reach the G111.Now follow the G11 North and then carry on on the S310.Now follow the S310 down.After a while you should see a large forest here is you next destination you should be at 25 yun ave, Miyun, Beijing, China. After seeing this beauty we will drive down along the G11 and turn west at the G45 and keep following it.You should end near the beijing magsanhan tourismhotel but your exact location should be 2 Mangshan Road, Changping, Beijing, China. After enyoing this amazing park we will head to our last stop The Bauhai mountain at Baihuashan Forest Farm, Mentougou District, Beijing, near the G108 highway. First Head down the G108 Till you can head West onto the G109 and then the G108. You have arrived.
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