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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evidence I believe that sharks migrate between a foraging site and a mating site on an annual or seasonal basis. Claim Introduction Slogan: Sharks go through a cycle of life. They eat in the summer and breed in the winter. This will let them thrive. - Sharks eat in the spring and summer when food is in abundance Eat sea lions, dolphins, other sharks, fish, etc. - They then migrate, in winter, to breed In other areas, the equator is closer which makes the area warmer and more suitable for breeding Conclusion Seeing the evidence that has been listed, the claim is well supported. Sharks in general and this particular one (Katharine) are showing the pattern of traveling up and down the Atlantic Ocean. This is done for predationin the North during summer. Southern US areas are then occupied in winter for breeding. It is near the equator which will provide warmth for the new offspring until they can travel to the North to predate as well. The map shows that sharksmove around in the Atlantic Ocean throughout the seasons: -They move up to Northern areas (Massachusetts), in Summer and Spring, for feeding -In Winter/Fall, they then come down to Florida to breedKatharine (The Great White Shark) shows and supports this pattern as well Map 1: Katharine the Shark's travel pattern Map 2: Hypothesized travel pattern Cites -Shark Map: Katharine: Prey: Behavioral AdaptationsBrian TaPre-AP Bio 6
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