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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver Theme: Take time to smell the roses.You'll never know when it'll be your last time to talk to someone or do an acitvity. Objective Summary: Sam, or Samantha, wanted to "get serious" with her boyfriend, but she died in a car crash on February 12th, Cupid Day. Plot: Sam and her friends dress up funny on Cupid Day every year. This year they go full out because it's their senior year. They receive roses on that day and they always send one to a "friend" that says, "Maybe next year, but probably not." They're all invited to a party and they know there will be bad things there. On the way home from the party, Lindsay, Sam's best friend, crashes the car on the icy road because she's drunk. Sam dies but in the morning her alarm goes off again and she starts that day over again. She's confused and she just goes through the motions. Each night she goes to sleep she is woken upby her alarm at the same time and she lives the same day again. Until she figuresout that she has to make things right beforeshe can truly die. After 7 days, she finallygets it right and figures out there is more tolife than getting drunk and partying with her friends. Setting: In the book, there areseveral places that Samanthatravels to. She goes to her school, a shopping mall, Kent's house, Juliets house, Ally's house, and even a special place behind her house. Each time she goes somewhere to makes her thinkabout how she is going to missthat place when she dies again.She realizes that she needs toslow down and smell the roses.On her last day, she makes sure to leave a mark on each place. Character: Juliet Skyes is acharacter that sparks animage in Sam's mind. At thebeginning, Juliet is the girlthat is sent one rose from Sam's posse. One night, Sam and her friends decideto stay home from the party and just chill. They find out that Juliet committed suicide.This makes Sam regret everything she's done to her.Now she's on a mission to save Juliet, and stop to smell theroses more because she doesn'trealize how much everythingmeans to her.
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