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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6 Facts About Corn Animals are being forced to eat corn! CAFO: Feedlots: Symptoms include:- Tiredness and lack of energy- Problems sleeping- Tearfulness, feelings of sadness, guilt, sometimes despair- Anxiety- Panic attacks- Feeling antisocial; irritability- Mood swings- Problems concentrating- Loss of libido- Overeating; craving sweet foods CAFO stand for concentrated animal food operation. Thisis a type of operation they preform on an animal before they think about feeding it corn. If they don't think the animal will be safe, then they will see if they can do anything. As in thecow, they can't digest it so the farmer will put his hand into the cows rumen and take the corn out, which will not be naturalfor the cow. Using a light box can ease symptoms within 7-10 days of starting treatment.A lack of light can cause an increase in melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) and a reduction in serotonin, which can cause depression. Light therapy works by reversing this process. Dinner: If you think you may be suffering from S.A.D, consult your GP.They can help you decide on the best course of treatment. S.A.D is a form of depression What do you think about barbecue chicken tonight for dinner? The chicken you are eating is actuallycorn The chicken was fed corn as their diet, so they get fat, once they get fat, they die, and after they die they end up on your plate for dinner.You are actually eating the corn that the chicken originally was fed. So the next time you put your teeth into the chicken, think about how you are eating corn at thatsecond. Did you know that animals are being forced to eat corn? They arenot allowed to eat anything unlessthat in many farms. From cows to pigs to chickens, they are not being treated like a free animal. Animals: Feedlots are beef factories. Their goalis to turn corn into beef. They feed animals too much corn and they eventuallydie. The pigs are trapped in cages withcorn to eat. They are biting the barsbecuase they want to get out, butthey end up with bloody gums.
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