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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Join an elite group of CIOs who are passionate about helping develop the next generation of IT leaders. Share your wisdom and lessons learned from a career that has culminated at the pinnacle of IT business leadership. Your mentees will look to you to impart your real-world knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an IT leader in various industries and size companies. Share how to build a valuable experience base, how to seize new opportunitiesand how to deal with confrontation, disagreement, allies and adversaries. This will be an opportunity to share your knowledge on specific leadership competency development, real-world lessons from the c-suite on corporate politics, executive influence and IT leadership and the CIO in the future of business. If you have ever wanted to mentor the next generation of IT executives or have searched for an opportunity to share your success strategies, and discuss pertinent and current leadership issues, then being part of the CIO Executive Councils Team of Mentors is for you. Be part of a positive and inspiring mentor group experience and join today! Group mentoring is a key business component of the Pathwaysprogram for emerging leaders. It provides participants with a unique opportunity to tap the wisdom of seasoned CIOs in a regular series of interactive engagements. What is the time commitment? Approximately 3-4 hours per month, over a 6-8 month time period. What are my responsibilities? High Level Overview Mentoring gives me the opportunity to grow emerging leaders. I benefited greatly from the mentoring I received during my career, and I want to make sure others have the same opportunity. Bill Weeks, Senior VP and CIO, SquareTwo Financial Benefits Serving as a mentor for the Pathways program has given me the opportunity to share my experiences, mistakes, and life lessons with some of the brightest and most motivated people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Joel Dobbs, CEO and president, The Compass Talent Management Group, LLC, and executive in residence, School of Business, University of Alabama Birmingham Becoming a CEC Pathways Mentor Requirements * Solid Leadership experience and proven track record* Experience as a mentor and/or coach* Passion and knowledge in two or more competency areas Results Orientation External Customer FocusCollaboration and Influence Market KnowledgeChange Leadership Team Leadership Strategic OrientationPeople & Organizational Development Commercial Orientation Questions? Contact us! Allysa Zemke Pathways Program Manager azemke@cio.comT: 508.988.7835 * Conduct a call with each mentee as an introduction to the program (6-8 mentees, 20-30 minutes each; 3-4 hours)* One, 60 minute mentor session each month over a 6-8 month time period (6 sessions/hours) * Pre and post work for each mentor session (typically 30-60 minutes per session; 4-5 hours)* Conduct a call with each mentee at the conclusion of the group mentoring engagement to discuss their learning (6-8 mentees, 20-30 minutes each; 3-4 hours)* Concluding call with our mentoring program manager to reflect and offer feedback on your experience as a mentor. Rari Hilditch Director of Leadership Developmentrhilditch@cio.comT: 508.766.5438
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