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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Beauty By: Lisa Daily Theme: Everyone wants to be beautiful, and sometimes that comes with perks, buttrue friends will like your personality betterand that's what counts in the end. Objective Summary: Molly really wants to be prettybecause she thinks nice looking people have an easier time. A weird lady makes her pretty, but she finds out it's not allunicorns and rainbows, so the mysterious personchanges her back to how she originally looked. Setting: The setting is in a small town in Ohio. The town has a carnival every year, and this is where Molly meets the erraticDharma, who offers to draw a portrait of her. This picturehappens to make Molly earth shattering beautiful, just theway she has wanted to be for years. Various things happenthroughout the week, so that Molly's parents never see her face, butit is an immediate popularity booster at school. Soon she is oneof the most popular girls at school. Molly finally learns thatit's better to have true friends than to be pretty, so she goes backto the fair on the last night and has Dharma change her back to normal. Without the carnival, nothing would have ever happened togive Molly new insight. Plot: Molly sees the popular girls at school alwaysgetting what they want, simply because they are beautiful.Even her crush, Hudson, is taken by the pretty Ashley. Her friend Hayleyalso alienates her, and Molly becomes so overwhelmed that she runsall over the place until she finds a pond that she loved as a child at thelocal fair.So when a mysterious artist insists on drawing her a portrait at the fair,Molly is flattered and accepts. But it turns out that the drawinghas made HER breath-taking. No matter what she does, she looks great doing it.She quickly becomes popular at school.Everyone loves her.Over time, though, she loses all of her new "friends", and the popular kids grow tired of her. She wishes she was back to herself. Dharma, the mysterious artist, realizesMolly has learned her lesson and changes her appearance back to normal. On the last night of the local carnival, Molly finally realizes that it'sbetter to have real friends than to look nice. Character: Molly is the protagonist who learns,through trial and error at school, that while beingpopular because you look nice is cool for a little bit,eventually it is better to have friends that like youfor you instead of how cute you are. She loses all of her friends and supposedly gets new ones, but when she realizes they are just using her, she realizes thetruth, too, and gets her old friends back while going back to her old self. Molly realizes the error of her waysand truly learns to be thankful and recognize who's really her support system. Beauty
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