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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call to Adventure:One day, Belle's father went to a convention. He got lost in the woods. His horse went back to Belle. Belle had to find her father. Statue Quo 1:Belle lives in a village with her father. Belle is seen as different from others in the village and wants her life to be different. Assistance:Phillpe, Belle's horse, helped Belle. Phillpe was going to go into the forest with Belle and show her where her father was. Departure:Belle went into the forest with Phillpe to find her father. Trials:Belle went into the dark forest. Belle discovered a castle. Belle went into the castle and found her father. To free him, Belle allowed the Beast who had capturedhim to take her instead. Approach:Belle started living with the Beast. She was given a room, and made friends with the enchanted objects. Even though the Beast was mean at first, he became nicer. He and Belle slowly fell in love. Crisis:Belle's father tried to tell people about the Beast. A mob set out toward the castle. Meanwhile, the Beast let Belle go to see her father. When Belle heard about the attack, she went back to the castle. Gaston, an evil manwho wanted to marry Belle, tried to kill the Beast.Belle protected the Beast. Gaston fell off the castle roof and died. Treasure:After the Beast got hurt, Belle confessed her love for him. Resurrect:The Beast turned into a human. He told Belle that he had been cursed. All the enchanted objects in the castle also became human. Return: Belle and Beast are now happier because Belle broke the curse. Belle and Beast decided to get married. New Life:Belle went to live in the castle. Her father came with her.Belle and Beast were happy. Resolution:Everyone in the castleis happy. Everyone whowas cursed is nowa human. Status Quo 2:Belle is a girl that lives in a castle.She is happy and isaccepted by everyone. Beauty and the Beast Katryna Kerth #16
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