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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 Interesting Facts About Our Schools Budget - Since 2008 spending per student in Minnesota has went up about $30 per student, or .3% - Minnesota is now on its way to a normal payment schedule, causing what seems to be a spike in fiscal year 2013 and then subsequent drop in funding for fiscal year 2014.- Even though lakeville has approximately $30,000 more income per capita than the school behind us, we fall dead last in spending per student compared to the top 20 metro schools.- Since 2004, 177 teachers, 97 staff, and 10 administrators have been cut - Lakeville ranked last in the metros top 20 districts for General Fund revenue per student, calculated at $9,497 per student in 2012, while Burnsville received over $11,267 and Rosemount received $10,831 per student (Sun This Week 3/13/2013).- When Lakeville is matched up with schools having the same spending per student, Lakeville is compared to schools of 80 to 90 percent less students and have lower means of income of about 45 thousand dollars less then Lakeville- The average size of a forth grade class in Shakopee is 24.76. In Lakeville, the average fourth grade class is 31.27 - In 2015 city council announces that there will be a 4.7% levy increase for Lakeville.- In Matt Littles budget plan, he includes a new fire chief of staff and crew; to reduce the response time in Lakeville.- In 2014 there are many positive changes in ISD194. Better structuring for science, and new technology and equipment. Also editing teachers contracts by allocating 50 minutes of uninterrupted prep time.
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