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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The early battles of the revolutionary war The Battle of Bunker Hill On June 17,1775 , near Boston Massachusetts the battle of Bunker Hill happened. Important people of the battle were General Joseph warren, Israel putcam , and William Prescott for the patriots side and for the British side was General Howe, John piticarn. The British wounded and murdered 441 patriots and the patriots murdered and wounded 1150. The British had higher advantage , they had more troops , more supplies , and a navy. The outcome of the battle was the British ruled over and won. The battle of Long Island On August 27, 1776 in New York City the patriots held the base down ,Important people for patriots were George Washington (later) Charles Les. For British was General William Howe, Richard Howe. The Patriots has about 2000 casualties but the British had about 400. The British had a navy and a more powerful fighting force. Of course the British won and took over New York City and sent the patriots to retreat to our home-state Pennsylvania. The battle of Brandywine creek On September 11,1777 in Chadds Ford , Pennsylvania, the battle of Brandywine creek happened. George Washington was the most important person for the patriots and for the British William Howe. The patriots had 1300-1900 casualties and the British had 600-2000 . The British had a strong navy and a big fighting force. The British win the battle and takes over Philadelphia
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