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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] When: December 25th, 1776 When: August 27th, 1776 Why: Freedom from the Redcoats and not have to pay taxes and be indpendent Where: Trenton,New Jersey on the DelawareRiver Where: Brooklyn, New York Why: General WilliamHowe (British) was looking to capture New York City and gain control of theHudson River. Who was impacted: The British were impacted becausethey lost territory andmany troops. The Continental army losttroops as well, butgained crucial ground. Outcome: The Continental Armywon, and the British were defeated. This was a big victory for the American army after facing losses in New York. Important Details:The British army wasgoing to wait until theAmerican army cameout of their camp, but General GeorgeWashington knew this.He tricked the British by leaving the fires litand muffling the wagon's wheels.He then attacked themfrom the back, and claimed a victory. Impact: The British were impacted because they were able to gain controlof the Hudson by gaining the control of New York City. The Continental armylost territory, but got away lucky as if they had not retreated, they would have lost the army. Outcome: The British were victorious, butthe Continental army managed to retreat in time to avoid capture vs. This graphicshows howmuch biggerthe Battle ofBrooklyn thenthe Battle ofTrenton. (The casualties in the Battle of Trenton were: British Army: 22Continental Army: 2)
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