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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BATTLE OF THE SOMME - KEY TOOLS AND WEAPONS - ARTILLERY MUSTARD GAS TRENCH WARFARE TANKS The machine gun is a weaponwidely used in today's warfare.But, in 1916, this was a newweapon and much moreeffective because of the fightingstyle used at that time. Duringthis battle, the Germans usedmachine guns to inflict hundreds of thousands of casualties onthe British Infantry. Artillery, though modern, was notnew. Cannons were a type ofartillery used hundreds of yearsbefore the Great War. The six month battle was preceded bya week long artillery bombardment.This, however, did not go as planned, and almost one third ofthe shells did not explode. MACHINE GUN Tanks were designed to rideover trenches and plow throughthe barbed wire that stopped Britain's infantry from makingtheir way forward. Likewise,the British used it the sameway. The tank revolutionized combat and allowed for greatermobility throughout the war. TRAUMA OF WAR 4 OUT OF 5 SOLDIERS DIED FROM EXPLOSIONS AND GUNS. THE OTHER DIED FROM DISEASE. BBC iWonder. (2014). [Infograph time stayed in trench zones in Battle of the Somme July-December, 1916].Average time spent by trench-fighting soldiers. Retrieved from (BBC iWonder, 2014) Dr. Payne, D. (2012, February 22) The BEF, Human Diseases and Trench Warfare on The Western Front. Retrieved from (Payne, 2012) This weapon was a nightmare ina can. It caused blisters to formnot only on the skin but also thelungs. Mustard gas was thrown into trenches, and attached toartillery shells. It was odorlessand colorless; thus, it was verydifficult to detect.
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