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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Timeline August 23, 1914 6am - 7am: German cavalry encounters British cavalry -British Cavalry patrols met with opposition at Obourg; shots were exchanged.--1 9am: German guns are now firing shellsat the canal bend line held by 8th and 9th Brigades; -German infantry are now closely engaged with the 4th Middlesex Regiment at Obourg; the Germans took heavy casualties.-- 2 German Casulties 5500 British Casulties 1650 British Rate of fire German Rate of fire Noon: The front of the Germans attack has broadened to St Ghislain and Les Herbieresthe battle now goes 7 miles away from Mons. --3 2pm: German artillery begins to bombard the British 3rd Infantry Brigade. German cavalry is riding towards St Symphorien.--4 3 pm: British 3rd Division is now getting fired upon. Haig orders two battalions to hill 93. News from the French Calvary reaches Headquarters the British right flank is now retreating back. --5 7-8pm: German attack the 8th brigade after an hour brigade is falling back to Nouvelles. The battle Slowly grounded to a halt. --7 3.15pm: German infantry is getting around Royal Irish Regimentnext to Obourg. The decision was to withdrawn, but the German infantry battalion has to hold a new line at Bois la Haut. --6 Works Cited Baker, Chris. "The Long, Long Trail." The Battle of Mons August 1914. Chris Baker, 1995. Web. 20 Nov. 2014. 1-7 (Broom, 2013) "The Battle of Mons". 2014. Web 8 (Trueman, 2014)--8 Casulites during The Battle of Mons Rate of fire during The Battle of Mons (Overlord, n.d.) (The Western Front August October 1914Britain's "Contemptible Little Army",n.d.) double click to change this title text!
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