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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 eBay introduced its Differentiated Service Strategy to create abetter customer experience bydirecting customers to the rightTeammate at the right time through topic and skill basedrouting. With policies and programslike buyer protection, managed returns, global shipping, and mandatory photos in place, eBay takes an active hand in the running of its marketplace, ensuring that the experienceis more retail-like for buyers and sellers both. Ofcom named eBay as UKs most popular retailer on mobile in 2014, reaching 34% of the online market, ahead of Amazon (28%), Tesco (13%), Argos (12%) Asos (7%) and Asda (6%). eBay has changed theircriteria required for Top Rated Seller. It was previously about feedback from customers and DSRs, but now there are certain criteria for listings; like free shipping, 14 day return, 1 day dispatch & express delivery. eBay implemented a new way to measure seller performance aimed at delivering more satisfiedbuyers and driving more sales the seller's way. By focusing on the things that matter most to buyers, sellers can ensure they are shoppingwith confidence and receiving a great experience. Stronger built-in protections have also been designedto increase the stability of seller's well-deserved status. Top Rated Seller and Top Rated Plus requirements will also be updated to keep pace with evolving consumer expectations. eBay claim that just about one third of their transactions are touched by mobile. 2014 was the year of design innovation for eBay a new iPad app that was both successful and aimed at making the consumer experience more seamless. Under the new policy, Instead of a fixed 45 day window after payment, buyers will have 30 days from the delivery date to file a claim. By implementing this new policy, well be able to provide all buyers, both domestic and international, the same amount of time after receiving or expecting to receive their item to open an eBay Money Back Guarantee case. After a deal finalized last year, eBay buyers can now collect their UK purchases from business sellers from over 750 Argos outlets all over Britain using a new Click & Collect service at no extra cost. eBay introduced changes in the way how CTC works, SNAD & Returns merged. eBay introduced this change to simplify buyer's post transactionexperience. This made possible:o Single place for sellers to manage after sales requestso Easier cancellation processo Increase in buyer trusto In-flow help preventing unnecessary CS contacts eBay, PayPal to split into separate companies in 2015. The separation, will include new management teams for both businesses. eBay labels now available to print from mobile devices. iPhone and Android users now have a super convenient way to print shipping labels right from their mobile phone. eBay are changing the VAT rates that will be chargedJanuary 2015. Consumer sellers will see no change to the total amount that they pay. eBay will still keep the same fee schedule but, instead of including VAT at 15%, fees will include VAT at 20%. eBay Bites
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