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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DR Dutch RepublicAnd VOC RENAISSANCE Created By-Olivia & Kitty- OLD IMPERIALISM Dutch Republic Intellectual: The ideas of humanism and individualism inspired the pursuit of knowledge and advancements in technology and art, also the renewed classical works from greek and roman times formed the basis of the Dutch Republic. Demographic: The rise of influence and wealth of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy gave the higher classes increasingly more political power Religious Changes: The economic benefits from staying religiously neutral during the 30 years war gave the monetary foundation forthe joint-stock company, the VOC. Demographic: The economic classes of the time became more important and the merchant classes began to rise in power because of increase in demands for goods during the renaissance. VOC Religious Toleration in the Dutch republic lead to the enhancement of cultural and intellectual ideals thatkept the republic out of the 30yrs war and allowed themto further prosper both econ-omically and politically crea-ting a cosmopolitan society that promoted commerce. The revolt of the dutch republic caused by the strife between Catholic Spain and their hold over the calvinist state of thespanish netherlands, the revolt ended in the freedom creating the dutch republic. This also resulted in a religious tolerance in the Dutch republic. The reformation encouraged literacy for religious people especially calvinists, thus bringing forth the impleme-ntation of education to the middle and upper classes, inspiring the formation of new and possibly conflict-ing ideas with governmentand religion. REFORMATION - Dutch Republic Intellectual Religious Changes Demographic The neutrality of the dutch republic during the 30 years war allowed for the creation, expansion and prosperity of the VOC. VOC Intellectual Religious Changes The age of exploration for dutch republic not only brought economic benefits to their home country but also the spread of calvinism throughout the new world. VOC During the age of exploration there was the creation of new colonies and increasing dema-nd for foreign goods leading to the creation of the dutch east india company Intellectual Demographic Resulted in the young deaths of sailors bec-ause of diseases and other causes and the Import- ation of Slaves. The ability to use new techn-ology and explore the World with the magnetic compass and astrolabe that enabled mariners to determine their location at sea. The age of exploration for dut-ch republic not only brought economic be-nefits to their home country but also the sp-read of calvinism throughout the new world. The expanding power of wealthy merchants both economically and politically formed early changes of the repu-blic to the more modern merchant oligarchy Intellectual: Religious Changes: Demographic: The intellectual ideas of the renaissance formed the technology to explore the World using the magnetic compass and astrolabe Intellectual: Demographic Encouraged literacy for religious people especiallycalvinists promoting education to the middle and upper classes and inspiring the new ideas Reformation VOC
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