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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 base ball to cricket base ball is when a pitcher throws a base ball at the player and they try to hit the ball with a bat as far as they can.the player can get out by missing the ball three times or if a fielder catches the fly ball. In cricket the players flip a coin and whom ever gets the desired side gets the choice of bating or balling (pitching) first. in the game the balling team throws the ball on the ground and in one bounce the batter has to hit the ball (which is heavier than a baseball) and If the ball flies straight in to the boundary line then the opposing team (the ones who are batting) gets six points. If the ball rolls in to the boundary line than its a four (meaning that the batting team gets four points). T he other way of scoring is if the two batters (from the same team) run across the batting area and that results in one point. The way they get out is that the fielding or pitching team catchthe fly ball, or if a fielder get the ball and throws the ball at the wicket keeper ( the catcher of the ball and hits the wickets if the batter is running across to the other position) and he hits the wickets, or the thrower of the ball hits the wickets directly. the other rule is if the ball is not in range the team gets one point, and on the overs counter ( how many balls are thrown in a period), it gives one extra ball, also Know as a wide ball. double click to change this header text! Cricket is also a bat and ball game when Two teams flip a coin and they each pick a desiredside and who ever wins has the choice of fieldingor batting. The game is simple. the Fielders also ball (pitch). the batters also hit the ball as hard as they can and if the ball goes straight into the boundary line then the batting team gets six points. if the ball rolls in to the line then the team that is balling get four points.If the ball keeps rolling and none of the Fielders get it the two batters ( from the same team run across the batting areaand they get one point for going across or how ever manythey times they run across they get 1 x that many runs. They ( the batting team gets out if the Baller hits the threewickets (poles) behind the batter or the fly ball is caught bythe fielder, and also if the pitcher throws the ball and theball hits the three wickets. the fielder is also out if the fielder has gotten the ball and trows it at the wickets or the wicket keeper that hits the wicket is the fielder misses but only is the are out of the batting line where the batter can not pass and is able to be gotten out or if the batters are running across. the other rule is that if the baller throws the ball too close to the batter with out bouncing or is out of the batter's range of the bat it is considered a wide ball and the team gets one point and a ball given to redo the pitch. the other thing is that the there needs to be ten wickets or outs to the batter team's turnof batting to be over. that's hoe cricket is played.
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