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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 City Gatherings Barrie New Venture 2015 Plan We want to GO to the people of Barrie and ENGAGE them with Jesus' love and message. Guided by Jesus and His message. Helping people to find real community. Becoming servants to those in our city. ChurchIdentiy City Groups Barrie has over 140,000 residence.There are approx. 8,500 that attend church. That is 6% of the population, which means there are over 130,000 people that aren't connected with a church in the city. City Collective June Dec. 2015 June - Dec. 2015 City Engagement Jan. June 2015 Jan. - June 2015 Our ministry is called CITY COLLECTIVE and we want to see Jesus' love and message shared with all of Barrie. During this season our primary focus will be going to and engaging the people of the city of Barrie through: missionalliving, City Groups, and City Gatherings. Collective: shared or done by a group of people : involving all members of a group WHERE: HomesJESUS: Learning about and meeting Jesus through His word. COMMUNITY: Praying for each other and meeting over a meal/snack. SERVING: Responding to the needs of those we are in relationship with. INVITATION: Constantly inviting others to journey with us. WHERE: Public VenueJESUS: Creatively sharing Jesus message with a broad community. COMMUNITY: Providing an environment where people have fun, feel comfortable, and find belonging.SERVING: Working with an organization close to our venue. INVITATION: Creating an environment thatis accessible to most people. 1. Evaluate where we are at following our season of city engagement. 2. Use this as a time to intentional form the DNA of our new church. 3. Evaluate our best "next steps" to move towards launching our new community.
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