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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Barbiturates They can be injectedor swallowed There are several medical uses for barbiturates. Some include controlling anxiety, sleep disturbances, as a mild form of anesthesia, also to control peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, and epileptic seizures. A few similar drugs are under the benzodiazepine category such as Valium, Tranxene, and Librium. Barbiturates are classified underSedative Hypnotics Some street names for barbiturates are barbs, bluebirds, blues, tooies, downers,phennies, yellow jackets, blue devils, reds and rainbows. Effects: They are a synthetic drug made up of barbituric acid which slows the body's functions. They tend to produce a feeling of euphoria,tranquility and temporaryrelief of anxiety. Regular and prolonged use ofbarbiturates increase theneed for higher doses of a drug to produce the desired effect of it. The effects from prescribed doses of short-acting barbiturates such as secobarbital generally last 4 - 6 hours while effects from phenobarbital, a longer-acting barbiturate will last from 8 -12 hours. Physical effectsare much like thoseof alcohol. However,if mixed with alcohol they can be fatal. This drug causes dependence both physically and psychologically. Once dependent on the drug, withdrawal occurs. Most people think that barbiturates do not show up on drug tests, however, they do show up.
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