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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Multimedia Artists and Animators Barbers Job Description:Multimedia artists and animators create animationsand art for movies, video games,and other forms of media. Salary:Hourly-- $29.50Yearly-- $61,370 Education Required:Bachelor's Degree Work Environment:Some work in their homes whileother work in studios or offices. Why do I want this career?Because I enjoy creating animations and playing games andI would like to bring a type ofhappiness to people. What am I doing now to get this career in the future?I want to start taking art classes and Icreating animations in my off time. Job Description:Barbers cut the hair of their customers intowhatever the customer wants. Education Required:Post-secondary non-degree award Work Environment:They work in barbershops usually with other barbers Employability skills needed?-Communication skills-Teamwork-Listening-Wide Imagination-Concentration Salary:Hourly--Changes from haircut price and amount of customersYearly--Changes from haircut price and amount of customers Why do I want this career?Because of the social interactionand the cool haircuts and designs. What am I doing to get this career in the future?I am currently planning to sign up for barber classes at the Career Center and watching my barber's technique. Employability skills needed?-Communication-Like being social-Like handling hair-Can think quick-Control of nerves in hand-Concentration
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