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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] -ART stands for assisted reproductive technologies. Thisincludes techniques such as in vitro fertilization. -ART can be used to manipulate embryonic DNA to create an individual resistant to or completely free ofcertain diseases. What is ART? What is it used for? Who can benefit from it? -Families who have a history of hereditary disorderssuch as cystic fibrosis.-Families with a sick child who needs a tissue-matcheddonor.-Mankind could one day benefit from the widespread use of ART to treat or eliminate certaindiseases. Despite the benefits, there are numerous issues with ART Inefficiency ART have yet to be perfected.Paternally linked diseases can't be detected and egg harvesting techniques are highly inefficient. Dangerous Legality There are immediate dangers posed to the mother such asthe possibility of multiple pregnancies occurring andan increased risk of stillbirth.Long term risks to the babyinclude an increased riskof developing mental andphysical conditions. ART is banned in a number of countries and has not experienced uniform legalization worldwide. Legal Issues stemming from the creation of disease-free babies as tissue donors have been takento court. You Want No Part of This ART Follow us on Twitter: @nopARTSpread the word with the hashtag #nopART Stay informed:Learn more about the issues surrounding ART at
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