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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bacteria infographic Prokaryotes are organelles that are singled called and lack a nucleus. Bacteria is considered a prokaryote because it has no nucleus and its a one cell structure source Bacteria powerpoint Bacteria MOST of the time have a cell membrane. The job of the cell membraine is to control what enters and leaves the cell. The flagellum allows the cell to move in the water, air and everywhere else. The autotrophic bacteria make their own food by doing what we call photosynthesis. However they also can make chemicals from their food by using chemosynthesis. Source: Fungi notes and science textbook The heterotrophic bacteria get their food by manually eating the organisum, or other bacteria. The reproduction process of binary fission and conjugation Binary fission is when in this case the bacteria splits in half and creates a copy of its self. An endospore is a very strong spore that develops asexually in a bacteria. An antibotic is a type of pill or liquid that you take when you a infection. The Antabiotic is made with bacteria. When you take this powerful medicine, it will destroy all of the bacteria making you feel sick. Antibiotic resistance is the a ability of bacteria to with stand the affects of an Antibiotic. Bacteria can reporoduce in many ways. They reproduce asexually or sexually, they use binary fission to split each other in half They can also do conjunction when same DNA and every 20 minutes Bacteria can be helpful to us in two ways. One is they can makes better with antibodies, Some bacteria are decomposers they can clean up dead organisums for us. They also can make our food. An example is yogert. An example is Clostridia, and Streptococci. Clostridia spreads by gas and the wrong kind of antibiotics. The Streptococci cause stream throat and its spreads inside the throat.Source. 59-a-list-of-bad-bacteria/ Bacteria is everywhere here's some places: LakesVolcanos The air our bodies, the ocean, our drinking water and millions of miles of the ocean floor. Bacteria the good and the ugly tap and hold to changethis text! The 3 main shapes of bacteria are not what you'd expect they are spillria sprillum and bacilli . The 3 main shapes of bacteria are not what you'd expect they are spillria sprillum and bacilli . Sources science book, www.livestrong.comMr bushe notes
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