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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Autotrophic bacteria make food with either the sun's energy or chemicals Bacteria No Nucleus Bacteria have a cell membrane, cell wall, ribosomes, and genetic material An antibiotic is a medicine that kills harmful bacteria Bubonic plague-Yersinia pestis-through bites from the infected fleasTB (Tuberculosis)-Mycobacterium tuberculosis-through the air bacteria double in numbers every 20 minuets, that means if you have 1 at 1:00, at 1:20 you will have 2, 4 at 1:40 and so on and so forth they decompose dead organisms, animal waste,and plant litter. they release carbon and nitrogen which helps build new animals and plants Heterotrophic bacteria eat other organisms Sprilla-corkscrewBactillus-rod/pill shapedCoccus-spherical shaped Antibiotic-resistance is the over-use of antibiotics which leads to the antibiotics not working on the bacteria, this is really bad because it is making the bacteria stronger and us weaker Bacteria are mostly everywhere Bacteria make yogurt and fermented milk products Binary Fission:when bacterai splits in halfConjugation:when genetic material is shared The endospore is the thing that protects a bacteria if it can't live in the environment Sources Bacteria Powerpoint Mr. Bushe http://www.microbiolo microbiology/microbes -and-the-human-body/ microbes-and-disease http://learn.genetics.ut crobes/ http://www.actionbios /wassenaar.html By Amanda Lineman
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