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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infograph of Pre-Columbians 1519 900 AD 100s 1500s 1200s Cabri Aztecs MAYAS Where: Yucatan Guatemala Belize Honduras Major Achievements:Chichen Itza is the most famous Mayan siteIt is a pyramid built for religiousand astronomical purposesused a form hieroglyphics Priests created 365 1/2 days with astronomy invented the number 0ball games called pok-a-toksend a softball-sized ball through a hole 30ft above Government: had city-states kings, military leaders and religious leaders Social Classes and Roles:Each city had a king and/or godNobles: military leaders, managed public works, collected taxes, enforced lawsScribes, sculptors, paintersMerchants Farmers Religion: Polytheistic Human sacrifice children believed to be pure and sacrificially good Clothing and Arts:Cotton, feather, Jaguar pelts, Gold ornaments and Stelae organized by city states Chichen Itza is the most famous Mayan sitecities had rectangualar stone courts for Pok-ea-tole losers were sacrificed Agriculture Methods and Foods:Two agricultural methods: burned forests down for land to plant on and the Mayans built raised fields to lift crops up above the annual floodwaters. they grew maize, chocolate, cotton, squash and borns Reasons for decline:Abandoned many citiesConstant warfareover populationLack of dependency Incas 300 BC Where: Andes Peru Ecuador Chile Peak is 250 AD Major Achievements:Built Pyramid of Sun(3rd largest pyramid worldwide)Used Science Math and Medecine Government:One KingEmperorIndirect rules Social Classes and Roles:Kingnobles priests military leadersnobles officials judge government of conquered peoplewarriors Religion:Birthplace of GodsAvenue of DeathKing came from heavenPolytheistic Quetozocotl Man/GodHuman SacrificeAztecs thought Cortez was Quetozcotland gifted him with gold Clothing and Arts:Gold ornamentsfeathered cloaksbark Major Cities:One of the largest cities worldwideTeothinuacan Tenochitlan Agriculture Methods and Foods:250,000 sacrifices a yearChinampas(island gardens) Reasons for Decline:Cortez 1519Disease Peak 1300 AD Peak 1400 AD Where: Central Mexico Major Achievements:Incan Roads were roads built for communicationwhich really helped the Incas control their empireQuipu knotted strings to record numbers and other informationIntihuatana a ceremonial pyramid built to speak to their Sun God. Government:Emperors-owned everything: land, mines, wealth etc. Told people what to do Empire Emporers Nobles, local chieftansofficialsscholars People had no power Religion:Polytheistic (Sun, God, Inti)Inca "children of the sun"Sacrificial Clothing and Arts:Colorful Weavings FabricsAbundance of gold Agriculture Methods and Foods:Irrigationcorns, potatoes, beansTerrace Farming Reasons for Decline:Francisco Pizzaro Civil War Disease
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