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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friends Babe Ruth Ads Technology Infromation Solutions Come get some Coke for only 5 cents! Drinkand be like Babe Ruth Hurry come get the Homerun Candy Bar presented by Babe Ruth! Eat one and you can hit as hard as him! Fashion Come by the new Electric Cleaner that cleans houses and make them shine for 28.95. Its really amazing Come get a new washing machine just for 81.50. Its so cool and makes your clothes feel fresh. Ryozo Kato-Great friend Betty HoytAnother Good freind High heels shoe for3.79 Clara Bow hats for 95 cents OHHHH MAN! These new flapper dresses are making me smile wide. My, these new dresses that the ladies are wearing might turn me into a good looking drugstore cowboy. You've got to be kidding me... This stupid prohibition Act is making me mighty mad. They can't just outlawGiggle water for the rest of my life. Might as welldie without any booze. What happened to America.. I give a new thanks to the radio company. They have supported me through baseball and because of themmore people around the country are getting to knowme as the Big cheese. Hope my fans out there will be coming to see me play some baseball on this swell day! I just wanted to give another thanks for my fans for supporting me. I hope the game of baseballcan make you guys whoopee up some more evenfrom this bad depression that's been going around. Time to step up my game for baseball. The way I've been playing is absolutely terrible. Might as well getsome cheaters so I can see the dang baseball! I am still thinking about the booze. I can't take it anymore. I'm so stuck on alcohol that i might as well just drink some since other people are doing it and more crime has comeupon. The governors have to at least stop this stupid act.From anymore other harm this town has. Stopping the prohibition act might as well make the town a lot safer. Man its come to my time now guys... I am retiring from the game of baseball:( Some people think I am a cats meow from what I accomplished in baseball. I thank them for that but going away from baseball willbe a hard thing to do. I thank teammates, coaches, and my fans for making the sport so fun for me.
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