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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PROJECT OVERVIEW Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources GOALS "Follow the professor" Build your own courses in a new direction new topics new teaching methods ESSEC recently produced its first MOOC. Considering the wide array of academic content already available online, the real challenge will be to take their MOOC offering by addressing testing and offering to moocers a unique experience The project was designed by the made up of teachers, students and staff as one of the key deliverables outlined in the ESSEC 2014 Strategic Project Students will design their own online courses based on some of the latest ESSEC faculty research. innovative teaching working group Research work and course conception Contents production and integration Genuine flipped coursesin Essec coursecatalogue cognitive sciences Trans-humanism Impact-investing Management of skills of exception Globalization Navigating in cognitive sciences Looking failure into the eyes 1 professor 6 to 8 students Essec knowledge lab facilities and September 2015 Bring our professors most insightful research intothe classroom Offer a flexible and "customisable" curriculumto ESSEC students EXPECTED BENEFITS Improve the learners performances : "lernen durch lehren" Increase the course "value" :fitting employers needsbuilt with the"consumers" Boost the transmittive and teaching skills of our professors
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