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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Life Of A Bullied Teen Teensare often targeted for bullying because of their appearance, sexual orientation or loner status. But not all bullying victims fit that profile. New research suggests that as students become more popular and climb the social hierarchy of middle and high school, they are at increased risk for gossip, harassment and even physical attacks from rivals competing for status. And the adverse consequences of that bullying including increased depression, anxiety and anger, and decreased school attachment are magnified the more popular the victim. "May have more to lose than someone who already occupies a position of relative social isolation, or perhaps they are more unsuspecting victims than those on the periphery, and therefore react particularly strongly." An analysis showed that among both boys and girls, if a student was is in the middle of the school social hierarchy the 50th percentile and moved up the social ladder to the 95th percentile, the likelihood that he or she would be victimized by his or her peers increased by more than 25%. However, once students reached the pinnacle of the school hierarchy the top 5% of popularity the likelihood of being victimized plummeted. "While the climb to the top of the social ladder can be painful, the very top rung offers a safe perch above the fray,
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