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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1966 - James Garrett formed the first BSU BLACK STUDENT UNIONS BLACK STUDENT ACTIVISM boycotts 1965 - Higher Education Act marches advocated PROTESTS 1968 - Student strike to institutionalize minority curriculums in response to student strike BLACK STUDENT UNION Activist Black Students, Faculty, Administrators, Athletes & Coaches Cultural Centers Student Publications double click to change this title text! On the campus of SF State College, now, SFSURenamed already existing Negro Student Assoc. "NSA" by forming the BSUIn 1 yr. BSUs were at every CA State College METHODS METHODS for CHANGE CHANGE Strikes Building TAKEOVERS 5 months 5 months longest campus strike in U.S History San Francisco State Nov. 6, 1968 - March 21, 1969 1969 - Creation of College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State 40 th Anniversary ea. 1968 - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassinated Black Student Affairs Financial Aid Schools of Ethnic Studies Black Studies Departments Banned discrimination in educationBlack student admissions increased dramaticallyCampus environment was unwelcoming for Black students Resources to improve Black communities Sparked dramatic increase in creation of BSUs nationallyApex of the Black Power Movement 1966-1975 - Black Campus Movement Celebrated Reformed American higher educationProficient at getting demands metHeld BSU eventsBSU outreach- Black communities and highschool Current State of BSUs Ideology shift from activist to Black cultural ideologyMany BSUs are Sociocultural Organization>40% have ties to the larger Black community HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY No documented history of BSU at HSUActivities associated with minority change Minimal information on events that are heldFB contains posts about various social issues or other race specific issuesNo information on involvement, if any, in Black communities
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