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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Prion is basically a virus that has does not contain nucleic acid, thus making it mainlyprotein. Therefore, it can tamper with the body's proteins, and causes mutation of brain cells. A prion disease in different from brain hemorrhage,in that a prion disease mutates the brain cells,while brain hemorrhage causes it to deteriorate. What is a Prion? A Prion of BSE BSE and vCJD Mad Cow Disease has two forms: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD). The main difference is that BSE affects cows, while CJD affects humans. There have been about 2000 deaths from BSE, and about 50 deaths from vCJD. Impact Prevention and Treatment Due to BSE and vCJD, many people werescared to consume beef and milk. Due to this, many people became malnourished,because of a lack of protein and calcium.Therefore, farmers and supermarkets also lost a lot of potential profits, as people didn'tbuy so much beef and dairy. Since Mad Cow is a Prion Disease, which spreads by mutated proteins, there is no known treatment or cure for it. However, some precautions a personcan take to prevent getting infected with it is to carefully test any cows' products before consuming them, and by avoiding contact with infected cowsand/or people. Science has helped to prevent vCJDand BSE, and to stop it from spreading, by identifyingits symptoms, causes, and by quarantining. 43% 5% 19% 11% Worldwide Reported Cases,with percentage of Total CasesReported 1% 3% 18% Prions take over proteins of the body, infectingthem, making them too prions. Therefore, priondiseases are transmitted by infected proteins,which in turn infect other proteins in the victim'sbody. It can also be caught by drinking cows' milk, or eating beef, from an infected cow. What Prions Do By Neelu Saraswatibhatla Mad Cow Disease Vomiting SlightAmnesia Headaches BlurryVision Insanity SpeakingDifficulties Symptoms ImpairedThinking BSE Cases OnlyBSE and vCJD Cases KEY
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