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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dempster stay fresh white bread Enriched Wheat Flour is wheat flour that has gone through a bran and germ process.Bran and Germ process is where they refine the wheat to make sure it is suitable for use in flour. After that process it is no longer consider a whole grain.Enriched flour has more nurturance that non-enriched flour.This is the base for making bread. Water H2OWater comes in three states solid, Liquid, and GasIt is essential to all living things on earthWater is tasteless and odourlessIt acts as a binder in the bread Glucose Fructose and sugarGlucose and Fructose are simple sugars made from monosaccharide's.They help to add sweetness to the bread and help activate the yeast.Carbohydrates are used for creating energy in the body. Yeastyeast is a single celled fungi that reproduced by budding.For yeast to go through the budding process it needs the right conditionsmoisture, temperature, and a food supply, which is glucose and fructoseit causes the bread to rise.the yeast used in baking and brewing are harmless. yeast is rich in vitamin B SaltCrystalline solid, which is hard and brittle that is white in colour. Salt dissolves in water, and has high melting and boiling points Salt is an ionic compound, which is made up of two oppositely charged ions. Slat is mined for under Lake Erie Vegetable Oil (Canola or soybean)The esters and fatty acids are extracted from plant, in this case it is soybean or canola oil. The oil is used in the bread to create a fat, which add moisture to the bread. Oil is used instead of butter because it is healthier. soybean flourDerived from ground soybeans, boosted protein and adds moister to the baked goods. Soybean flour increase the flavour and texture of many foods. The flavour soybean flour can be beany or sweet to mild tasting. VinegarAcetic acid is used in bread making to active the yeast and make sure the dough does not rise to the extreme. Calcium propionateUsed as a preservative in baking. It prevents the bread from molding. Occurs naturally in butter and some cheeses. Sodium Stearoyl-2-lactylateFood additive, strengthens dough and combines the water and oil together. This produce can replace some fats and sugars. MonoglyceridesFood additive that helps blend together water and oil. They are derived from cow, hog, or vegetables. They are also made synthetically. Sorbic Acid Food preservative, natural and made synthetically. It helps keep the food fresh. Calcium carbonateCaCO3Adds calcium to the bread Ammonium ChlorideNaturally occurs as a white crystal, and is used for the conditioning of the dough. Conditioning of the dough helps the carbon release and help with rising. It also add gluten to the bread which is a protein. Calcium sulphateUsed in the taste and making of a dough,
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