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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Schools where allBeginning Teachers are on track with mentoring hours Schools with no Beginning Teachers 46 Schools where at least 1Beginning Teachers is not on track with mentoring hours 36 Percentage of Beginning Teachers on Track with Mentoring Hours 57% District Schools NTD Program Mid-Year Report for BPS February 2015 Beginning Teachers on track with mentoring hours If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Meghan McGoldrick or Patreka Wood at or 5-8881 *216 Beginning Teachers*123 of our Beginning Teachers (57%) are currently on track with their mentoring hours BPS District at a Glance Blackstone ElementaryBoston Adult Technical AcademyBoston Community Leadership AcademyBoston Green AcademyBoston LatinBoston Middle School AcademyEast Boston EECEdison K-8Eliot K-8 Beginning Teachers who are not on track (have less than 30 documented hours) Update 2/20/15 46 Schools with Beginning Teachers in which all currently have 30 or more documented mentoring hours and, therefore, ARE on track to complete 100 hours of mentoring by the end of the school year: *173 veteran teachers are supporting our Beginning Teachers as NTDs*82 schools have Beginning Teachers and NTDs 43% Fenway HighGardner Pilot SchoolS. Greenwood K-8Grew ElementaryGuild ElementaryHale ElementaryHarvard/Kent ElementaryHigginson ElementaryJoseph Lee K-8 Kennedy Health AcademyKennedy, PJ ElementaryKilmer K-8King K-8Lee AcademyManning ElementaryMary Lyon Pilot HighMason ElementaryMather Elementary McKinley ElementaryMozart ElementaryMurphy K-8Orchard Gardens K-8 PilotQuincy ElementaryRussell ElementaryTynan ElementaryUmana AcademyYoung Achievers K-8
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