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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brave New World Loss ofHumanity The Power of Words No Free Will Hypnopaedia John Learnsto Read Robots with Flesh One thing that makes us human is our ability to make choices...these people don't have that, they have an"unescapable social destiny." (16) Shakespeare, master ofliterature, is important in thisbook as a symbol of the oldworld. John and Lenina arecompared to some of hischaracters, and the title ofthe novel is from The Tempest. When John learns how to read, it gives him a powerthat the others in the reservedon't have. He learns howmuch he hates Pope, whenhe "...never really hated himbecause he had never beenable to say how much hehated him." (132) The Human Factory The themes of this classic novel by Aldous Huxley The characters in thissociety are severelyconditioned so thatthey cannot make choicesas individuals. They areraised for a specific joband not allowed toventure outside of theircaste. Anthony Chmura Shakespeare Reproduction, once a sensual act, has becomea "fertilizing process" (5),carried out on an assemblyline. And it's here where people start to be controlled."The lower the caste...theshorter the oxygen." (14)Oxygen shortage is usedto hurt their growth. Words are used to conditionthe people in the process ofhypnopaedia. Words are putinto their heads as they sleepand they live by them andrepeat them out loud often. "A man can smile and smile and be a villain." (132)- random quote that has nothing to do with the themes "The infants were unloaded." (20)- treated like luggage, not people "Straight from the horse's mouth." (28)- take superior's words as absolute truth CONNECTION: With hypnopaedia, this society controls the thoughts of its people. They can't be individuals because they aren't able to form their own original thoughts. Everything they say is influenced by what they've been told by society. By losing the power to say their own words, they lose their humanity.
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