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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THEME:In society, a person who doesn't fit the social norms is subject to exclusion. THEME:Individuality provides emotional connection that can't be found in just being happy. "'And then he spends most of his time by himself alone.' There was horror in Fanny's voice."Pg. 45 Huxley's choice of the word horror shows the reaction people have to someone who lives differently. This quote is specifically in reference to Bernard Marx. He would go against the grain, refusing to take soma and finding pleasure in being alone. In the book everyone was conditioned to think certain ways. One important idea put into everyone's head was that they should never be alone. Since Bernard likes to be alone, the people of London would spread rumors that he was a mistake. The constant rumors about him and the fact that he looked different tan everyone else harshly affect Bernard's self-esteem, as he longed to fit in. How Themes in Brave New World Reveal Aspects of Society These themes have a common topic of individuality and how it can have a positive and negative effect on a person's life. Both of the themes are mostly revealed through the characters of Bernard and John. The first theme fits into the second theme because when a person is excluded they usually start to think differently and have different emotions, which is what the second theme is about. Being different is usually cause for people to make fun of you. This is true in every society. If a person is seen as an outsider it's because society didn't include them in the first place. An individual can think in new and innovative ways that someone who goes with the crowd can't think of if they are constantly feeling happy. John the Savage is a key character for revealing the theme. He is the main misfit in Brave New World. John is unable to fit into the society of the Savage Reservation because he was he was born from white parents from the civilized society, but he is also unable to fit into civilized society because he was raised in the Savage Reservation with a sense of individuality. John was brought up in a completely different way than everyone else in Brave New World. The Indians in the Savage Reservation treated John as if he was nothing. They excluded him from all of their important rituals. John faced a different type of exclusion in the civilized society. They treated him as if he was a circus animal and when he no longer wanted to be treated as such he excluded himself from society. "I'd rather be myself. Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly."Pg. 89 "everyone belongs to everyone else." This quote is repeated many times throughout the novel. The people in Brave New World are conditioned to believe that community is the most important thing and that a flourishing community will lead to happiness. However this isn't the actual case. In Brave New World, there is a false sense of happiness created by the constant use of soma. The people in the civilized society think think that "Community, Identity, Stability" equals happiness, when really everyone is just heavily drugged with anti-depressants. The whole point of soma is so they don't have to feel any emotion other than happiness, which means that the happiness of society can't be attributed to the "civilized" motto. Bernard was always seen as an outsider. He didn't rely on taking soma because he knew that it changed people into what they aren't and that it only provides you with a fake feeling of happiness. Bernard saw individuality over community. Even though Bernard wasn't completely happy, he had the ability to think for himself and to explore other emotions. "The Savage nodded gloomily. At Malpais he had suffered because they had shut him out from the communal activities of the pueblo, in civilized London he was suffering because he could never escape from those communal activities, never be quietly alone."Pg. 235 John, being raised on theSavage Reservation, worshipped god. This made his values different from everyone in London. It made him an experiment to the controller. John would feel pain and sadness, emotions that no one else in London has experienced. John seeks to be alone with his thoughts, to free himself from the horrors of a completely happy society.Bernard was different than all of the other alphas. This lead him to distance himself from the normal activities of society. In his alone time Bernard learned to think for himself without taking soma. Even though he wasn't always happy, he was always thinking about society in new ways, at times he was even critical of their conditioning system.
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