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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome The temperate deciduous forest biome is one of the many different biomes across the world.The word "deciduous" itself means "falling off at maturity or "falling off when not needed"and is mainly used to refer to trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally and tothe shedding of other plant structures such as petals after flowering or fruit when ripe.This type of biome experiences all 4 different seasons and thus, the flora and fauna haveadapted to the weather conditions. This biome can generally be foundin locations such as Eastern UnitedStates, Canada, Europe, China andJapan Climate Temperature wise, the lowest it usually getsis around -30 degrees Celsius and peaks around 30 degrees Celsius with a yearly average of 10 degrees. On average, thistype of biome may receive up from 75 to150cm of rain a year. This type of biomegenerally has hot summers and cold winters. Most of the animals thatlive in this biome either migrateor hibernate during the cold winter months. Many of themigratory birds actuallycoincide their arrival withthe opening of the tree canopy inspring. Examples of animals inthis biome include black bears,wolves, coyotes, squirrels and owls. The four seasons causethe trees to lose their leaves to conserve water.Leaves change colourin autumn, fall off in winterand return in spring. Due to this sporadic leaf loss, the soil in this biome is extremely fertile as the minerals that make up leaves break down and go tothe soil. Humans and the forest. Like all forests, one main humanfactor is deforestation and mining.This biome boasts a collectionof timber wood trees like maple,pine, oak and birch. The forestis also cleared to make way for the mining of things like coal. The area is also used for homes and thedeciduous forest biome has some of the densest human population areas.Most of the temperate deciduous foreststoday in the world are not the originalforests of the past but rather man-made,second-growth forests. The biggest reasonfor the deforestation of this biome is dueto the very fertile soil mentioned earlier.Most of the world's biggest agriculturalfields and centers are within this biome,and with the growing human population.there will be rapid expansion and rapiddeforestation of the temperate deciduousforests. Luckily, the forests that remainstill maintain most of the original plantand animal species, but both are headed towards extinctions due to loss of habitat.
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